Why Oxnead Hall is the Perfect Wedding Venue for Conscious Couples

At Oxnead Hall, we’re catering for the contemporary couple. Using local produce and being aware of our environment wherever possible, if you want your wedding to be eco-friendly, you’ve found the perfect venue.

Maintaining History

While it might sound obvious, perhaps one of the most eco conscious elements of marrying at Oxnead Hall is that you’re helping to maintain a magnificent historical estate. Instead of tying the knot in a marquee which involves transportation, you’ll be a part of the love and restoration of an existing, permanent structure.

Out with Plastic!

Plastic straws and stirrers are a thing of the past on the bars at Oxnead Hall and we offer only tap water as opposed to water in plastic bottles. We’re also hot on recycling with a record number of recycling bins on the property.

Making the most of Energy

With a venue the size of Oxnead Hall, it’s no surprise that our requirements for hot water and heating are high! With that in mind, we have a bio mass boiler. Highly efficient, bio mass boilers burn logs, wood chips, wood pellets or other forms of bio mass. A sustainable fuel source, they don’t produce carbon dioxide emissions which harm the environment.

Using Local Produce

Our exceptional chefs use as much local produce as possible when in season. And, with our own vegetable garden at Oxnead Hall, we use vegetables from there when we can. This means we minimise packaging and cut down on having produce that is flown in from overseas. If you want to reduce your carbon footprint even more, you might even think about serving a vegetarian wedding breakfast – or keeping just one course vegetarian.

Getting Creative with Décor

Our talented team can offer inspiration and advice when it comes to ‘doubling up’ and using decorations as much as possible. You might, for example, move your flowers from your ceremony in the Fountain Room to the Great Barn for your wedding breakfast. After all, pew ends make lovely chair decorations for the top table and bridesmaids’ bouquets can be placed in vases. Limit your use of paper by making favours that also work as place names and using natural products such as wood or recycled materials for your seating plan.

If you have yet to visit Oxnead Hall, we would love to show you all we have to offer. Simply call our friendly team on 01485 500292 or contact us online.

Images courtesy of Luis Holden Photography, Icey Photo and Megan Duffield Photography